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dementia support from Asian community


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Aug 8, 2020
Dementia is cruel, it has made my mother who is 83 even more angry & aggressive. Covid19 has escalated her condition ten fold. She has had a difficult life and now, no matter what i do, it will never make a difference. she pushes my buttons for the only pleasure she enjoys and that is arguing! I think I read from one of the ladies in the forum, about how asian people are ashamed & hide people with dementia behind closed doors! Why, i desperately need other ethnic men & women with dementia to connect to help them function & talk about things they understand & can relate to!


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Aug 31, 2003
Welcome to the forum @NHB,

I’m so sorry to read about your mum’s condition, You’re right - dementia is so cruel. I’m glad you’ve found DTP and I know you will find lots of help and support here. You might want to think about giving the Dementia Connect Support line a call so that you can talk through your specific issues with someone there. The details are here-

Please keep posting here for support.

Starting on a journey

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Jul 9, 2019
So much is hidden when it should not be!!
I think it does depend where you live, in our city there are some homes/day care where a range of languages are spoken.
I think if you can, when mum starts on, just walk away. Yes, what she says may be mean and hurtful but it is the disease and perhaps no longer understanding the role of a modern woman in society.

Sometimes just a walk, a chat with a friend or a cup of coffee can help
You are not alone with this, you just feel alone like many of us