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Dementia & Prostate cancer


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
Dad 82 with mixed dementia, previously had prostate surgery 6 yrs ago.
He had a nasty UTI a month ago and ended up in hospital.
His PSA level is now 36, physical exam was not good and his kidneys are all ready impaired.
He had a Urologist appt today, and he is 99% certain Dad does have prostate cancer but does not want to do a biopsy which we agree on.
They will just be monitoring, with hormone treatment the least evasive, if required.
However, Dad also has scar tissue from previous surgery which is impacting on being able to empty his bladder fully.
He has to have a Cystoscopy and a minor procedure, but discharged home which will most likely require a catheter for a few days.
Neither myself or my brother do any personal cares and Dad wouldnt allow it anyway.

I can see Dad taking the catheter out !
He does when it comes to iv lines & leures.

So any advice here? Questions for Urologist?
Do you think this would warrant me arranging Respite Care to get through it?
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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Gosh, Lin, your dad has been having a lot of problems recently, hasnt he?
Im so sorry to hear about the latest development.
Catheters can be a big problem for people with dementia and its definitely going to require personal care. I do think that there would be a good case for respite for a week (at least) as your dad might be more compliant with carers. You can sell it to him as "convalescence", which it is, really. Tell the urologist your fears that he will pull out the catheter - he might suggest that your dad has an intermittent catheter administered by the carers, although this would depend on him being co-operative, which I appreciate might not happen.

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