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Dementia hits women hardest – study


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Aug 24, 2013
I don't read the Guardian and to be honest this article reminded me why, it says:

Dementia is a life-shattering condition and represents a ‘triple whammy’ for women,” said Hilary Evans, director of external affairs at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

“More women are dying of dementia" Yes but as it's mainly an age related condition so what else would you expect, if men lived as long as women it would probably equal out.

"more women are having to bear the burden of care" No argument there, that certainly is true although it does go on to say that 60-70% are female so 40-30% are men, not a 50/50 split so women do bear the bigger share of the "burden" not a word I'm happy with describing what I do for my wife.

"while a disproportionate number of women currently working in dementia research are having to leave science.” Do they? Is dementia research seriously being handicapped by women scientists having to leave to become carers?

The best way to take the Guardian is with a pinch of salt and vinegar when your chips are wrapped up in it.


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Mar 11, 2012
I'll be interested to read the actual report (available next month apparently).
I will as well. Thanks for posting that Jennifer.
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