Dementia family member drinks too much daily and wants to drive


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Jun 18, 2024
How do you talk with a dementia family member who drinks too much and thinks they can drive. (really only to ABC store a few miles away)
Took all liquor out of home-- spoke calmy and rationally to help them understand.
Took keys to ALL cars this week.
They can't remember how many drinks they've had. Wants keys so can have if and when they want to drive around a small town. How do you talk to dementia loved one and do you break the code and get them to relax and shift their way of thinking? HELP what do you suggest?


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Feb 27, 2018
I’m afraid it’s not possible to get someone with dementia to think in a logical way, which is no longer logical to them.

The best way to deal with the situation is what you’ve already done - make it impossible for them to drive.

My Mum was a danger to herself and others when she last drove, but absolutely believed that she was as safe as ever. She cannot be swayed from this and got angry when we tried. We reported her to the DVLA, who consulted her GP then told her she’d have to take an additional test in order to keep her licence. She didn’t, so her licence was revoked. She still believes she has a licence. That’s what you’re up against, sadly.

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Apr 3, 2006
Welcome @PearleyMae

There are times when negotiation is totally ineffective, especially when a person with dementia is not being told what they want to hear.

Well done for taking steps to prevent your family member from driving.

This link has helped a few people communicate more successfully. It might not work for you but it`s worth reading just in case something helps.