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Dementia diagnosis

Betty Western

Registered User
Jan 9, 2015
My mother has recently been diagnosed with 'the early stages of dementia'. At this time, because I am getting the info third hand from Dad, I'm not clear if she has Alzheimer's or vascular dementia although from my observations of a steady deterioration in her short term memory, forgetting birthday's, sending Christmas cards to deceased relatives etc. my guess is this is AD.

I've read that there may be distinct differences in the effectiveness of drugs used depending on which type she has. My question to the forum is how soon does one identify which dementia type is present? Are there specific tests that will identify it? Oh, and does anyone have any experience of trying to get a first hand account 'from the GP's mouth' so to speak. I live quite along way from my parents so it's not easy to attend visits with her...but not impossible.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello Betty

Welcome to Talking Point.

I`m sorry to hear about your mother`s diagnosis and hope your father will allow you to share the responsibility and information as much as he can.

To my knowledge, the medication works v=best for people with Alzheimer`s disease. However it is not always the case because everyone is different. My husband had Alzheimer`s and the medication did not agree with him.

If you want accurate information I can only suggest you accompany your parents to as many doctor`s appointments as possible to hear first hand information rather than have your dad telling you.


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May 16, 2014
How to cope with this

My Brian talks to himself, which incorporates a lot of really bad language. Part of these 'conversations' that he has with himself while gazing into space, also includes threats 'to kill the b*st*ds'. This continues morning to night & also continues in the night, sometimes for hours, should he wake. He seems so troubled at times, but is unaware that he's doing it if I ask him what he's talking about. I feel so helpless. Also this constant chatter, which I try to blank out, is really wearing me down. Have others experienced this? And how do I cope with it? Any advice would be welcome.


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Feb 3, 2014
Hello Betty & welcome. There are memory tests that the memory clinic do if she has been referred, also brain scans are often done.

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