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Dementia and tiredness


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Sep 14, 2014
We all know that increasing tiredness is a key feature of dementia as the disease progresses. I am keen to learn how this manifests itself with particular regarding to sleeping patterns, bed time routine and getting up in the morning.

The reason I ask is that whilst mum is generally not at her best first thing in the morning we are in the midst of another spate of mum not wanting to get up in a morning. Has anyone else had experience of this? How did you deal with it? We have improved mum's bedtime routine which we now think is good. She goes to bed at an appropriate time and there is no fuss. However, this does not appear to have any effect.

Chaucer 1931

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Mar 30, 2014
Hi TwinkleStar

I can empathise as my mums sleeping patterns have been like your mums. It's hard to narrow any particular reason,see a pattern sometimes with dementia and sleep.

As for our circumstances,mum is housebound,not very mobile,sedentary lifestyle now she's so old,and yet can still be up all night and day,refusing to sleep somedays!

Other times,mum just doesn't want to get up even in the morning after having gone to bed at 7pm.
There can be days out of the blue where she would and has spent all day in bed, and I've had to wake her to make sure she has adequate drinks and food if she can manage it.
It is very tiring for then mentally sometimes,but I can't put my finger on a reason as to why some days are more tiring than others.