Dementia and nursing homes


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Oct 30, 2011
I am a masters student studying social work and I am looking at areas in which to write my dissertation next year so this is a really early stage enquiry.

I am hoping to gather opinion of people's experience of care for dementia sufferers and the support offered to carers.

Questions I am looking to pose are:
What type of support was offered to carers helping to slow the impact of dementia on their loved one?
What type of activities were encouraged to slow down the impact of dementia? Were these suggestions viable?
What type of activities do you think would have helped the person you cared for to maintain their independence longer?
What activities were provided in care homes for people with dementia? What do you think are the barriers for more activities being carried out? Cost, staff numbers, training?
What help was offered to people with early onset alzheimers?
As I say, this enquiry is at an early stage and I have not yet passed an ethics board as I am looking to see if this research direction is viable. If anyone can provide any opinions that may be useful I would be very grateful. Your information will not be included but will help to increase my knowledge.

Many thanks
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