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Dementia and colostomy bag


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Mar 23, 2015
My Mum has dementia and has very short term memory so cannot remember what has happened this morning and has difficulty at times for instance remembering the names of her grand children. Her use of language is becoming more limited and her comprehension is poor. She has had a colostomy bag for over 20 years and is now more and more forgetting to put a new bag on when she needs to change it. We have put up notices in the bathroom as a reminder and I wonder if you have any suggestions as to what can we do to reduce the number of accidents. With many thanks


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Apr 6, 2010
Hi Carlotta

My MIL had a colostomy bag also, with exactly the same problems. Sadly, as we didn't live with her, the only solution was to have a carer visit first thing in the morning to give her breakfast etc, and ensure that her bag was changed. This eventually went to three visits per day due to other problems. It's a very difficult one, but her carpets, sofa and her clothing were becoming soiled regularly and causing her distress. Carers were the only answer.