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Dementia AND Bulbar MND


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Jan 12, 2016
Hi, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and vascular dementia a year ago, though he had problems with his memory for some time. At the moment he keeps checking facts with me about where he has lived and who is still alive in the family! Trying to keep hold of his memory I think.
This Autumn his speech has got very difficult to understand and the neurologist thinks it is Bulbar MND though tests are not conclusive. Hubby is fit, walks well, digs, saws logs and I was thinking of joining some clubs for him this year to be with others in the same state. And for me to be with other carers.
He talks to everyone as he likes to do, but no one can understand him. I have to concentrate and only know what he is saying because I know him..
We manage fine at the moment with going out to the pictures, theatre, shopping, walks etc but how can I try to join anything sociable when he can't talk properly but thinks there is nothing wrong? As far as he is concerned he is fit and well and won't take on board that he has anything wrong with him. If you do mention his problems he says I am trying to upset him, and walks out of the house, until he forgets why he went out and comes back in.
Is there anyone else with the same problem?


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Apr 24, 2013
I can only speak for Alz Scotland groups. The staff are wonderful and would not be put off by his being hard to understand and most attendees at the groups would be patient too. Join some groups and I hope you will be made welcome.

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