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dementia : 5 Northern Ireland Assembly debates

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Jan 23, 2009
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Due to changes to the official website, our method of fetching data for the
Northern Ireland Assembly stopped working at the end of October. However, we
have now managed to update our site to use the API the Assembly provides.
This alert includes any Northern Ireland Assembly related information back to
November, as well as the usual UK Parliament information from yesterday.


dementia : 5 Northern Ireland Assembly debates

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Northern Ireland Assembly: Adjournment: Western Health and Social Care Trust: Impact of Cuts on the Omagh Area (9 Dec 2014)
Jim Wells: I will reflect on that. Members have also expressed concern
about the proposals relating to Ash Villa, a 20-bed unit that provides
short-term treatment for people with *dementia*. It is important to
realise that this is not a reduction in service to make savings but part
of a redesign of older people's mental health services across the
Western Trust. *Dementia* care is an important issue...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions - Environment: Community Planning: Health Role (2 Dec 2014)
Barry McElduff: ...health trusts at director level be compelled to
participate in the community planning process? I say that because,
recently in Omagh, negative proposals came forward regarding palliative
care and *dementia* care that would never have seen the light of day if
local elected representatives had been alongside health chiefs in

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions - Health, Social Services and Public Safety: Domiciliary Care (17 Nov 2014)
Rosaleen McCorley: ...in circumstances in which they sometimes find
themselves vulnerable and, as has happened, accused of theft without
there being any real bad intention? Sometimes, it is when they are
dealing with clients with *dementia* or older people. How are staff
supported in those circumstances?