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dementia : 2 Written Answers : 1 Lords debate

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dementia : 2 Written Answers

Written Answers - Department of Health: Hearing Impaired: Older People (18 Nov 2015)
Alistair Burt: ...their aspirations. Delivery of this objective will be
supported by:NHS England working with partners to promote the
development of care programmes to focus on people at risk, including
those with *dementia*, depression, diabetes and cataracts.Public Health
England collating existing data on incidence, prevalence and impact of
hearing loss in people aged 65 and over and if possible in key...

Written Answers - Department of Health: Cancer (18 Nov 2015)
Jane Ellison: .... It will drive improvement rather than just assure and
assess. CCGs will receive an overall annual rating and, within the
framework, will be rated for six clinical priorities of: cancer,
*dementia*, diabetes, mental health, maternity, and learning
difficulties. CCGs will be rated on the same four point scale used by
the Care Quality Commission: outstanding, good, requires improvement,

dementia : 1 Lords debate

National Stroke Strategy - Question for Short Debate (18 Nov 2015)
Baroness Walmsley: ..., Lady Wheeler, for giving us this opportunity to
take a long, hard look at it. It is clear from the briefings we have
received that the scope of the strategy needs to be wider to include
vascular *dementia*, a set of conditions that are closely linked to what
we normally think of as stroke because they affect the delivery of blood
to the brain. It is also clear to me that we need to invest...