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dementia : 2 Westminster Hall debates

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
North Bucks
dementia : 2 Westminster Hall debates

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Assessments
- [Philip Davies in the Chair] (17 Jun 2015)
Alistair Burt: ...is-in the legal sense-deprived of their liberty, it
must be in their best interests. I entirely agree with the hon. Lady
that where DOLS are working effectively, they can prevent unnecessary
restrictive measures and prevent people with *dementia* being required
to stay in one place simply because it is easier for staff. As the hon.
Lady said, until March 2014 the number of DOLS...

Personal Independence Payment Applications (17 Jun 2015)
Nick Thomas-Symonds: ...who suffer from Parkinson's disease. As he is
aware, Parkinson's is a progressive, incurable disease. It presents some
visible symptoms, such as tremors, and some non-visible symptoms, such
as *dementia*, depression and, often, pain. Against that background, I
make the following points. First, my hon. Friend the Member for Oldham
East and Saddleworth (Debbie Abrahams) raised the...


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Jan 11, 2012
thankyou for posting these links. One of the things that haunts me most is the freedom that was taken away from my Mum. yes she needed help, but the state denial of her (having been sectioned) of having any kind of freedom to do, go or chose anything - well yes it will haunt me forever. She was so aware of her plight and her main aim became to escape, she thought of me as ally, but of course I was not. I was in on it. I have said before on this forum people will kill and die for their freedom.I really never understood this before I experienced my Mum fighting for hers. i just wish we knew what to do, but locking them up with others like themselves is not always the right thing. it is all so very cruel.