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dementia : 2 Scottish Parliament debates

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
North Bucks
dementia : 2 Scottish Parliament debates

Scottish Parliament: Employment (30 Sep 2015)
Christina McKelvie: ...also recognise that an individual's form of
contribution, or employability needs, may change over time.” We
define work rigidly. Is a mother who is at home with two small children
working? Is someone who is looking after an elderly relative with
*dementia* working? Is a volunteer in a charity shop working, or a
retired person who does some gardening for their neighbours? All...

Scottish Parliament: Nuisance Calls and Texts (30 Sep 2015)
Liam McArthur: ...the effect that they can have, particularly on the
vulnerable. One Orkney constituent described them as being like a
“personal assault”. The last time we discussed the issue I
highlighted the case of a constituent whose elderly mother, a *dementia*
sufferer, had been repeatedly called and pressed into taking a broadband
package. She finally relented and signed up for the...