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dementia : 2 Commons debates: 1 Scottish Parliament debate

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 2 Commons debates

Opposition Day - [12th Allotted Day]: Mental Health (9 Dec 2015)
Alistair Burt: .... We will point to the inspiration in our local areas
for our Crisis Care Concordat work, to the appointment of the first
Minister for Education with whose remit includes tackling mental health
issues in schools, to the improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of
*dementia*, and to our determination to see the £1.25 billion investment
in children and young people's services...

Opposition Day - [12th Allotted Day]: Women and the Economy (9 Dec 2015)
Barbara Keeley: ...been forced on to the Work programme. They find this
demeaning after 40 to 44 years of work. A WASPI campaigner called Marian
contacted me. She told me she gave up work at age 62 to care for her
mother and brother, both of whom have *dementia*. Her only source of
income is a small private pension of £2,500. Her husband will now have
to support her until she is 65. The women I speak...

dementia : 1 Scottish Parliament debate

Scottish Parliament: Health and Social Care (9 Dec 2015)
Dennis Robertson: ...the community. I commend Jim Hume for raising the
issue of mental health. As he knows, we all have mental health-sometimes
it is good and sometimes it is bad. We have seen an increase in the
number of older people with *dementia* and Alzheimer's. We need to
acknowledge that and to recognise their specific needs and the needs of
their carers. Quite often, the carers are family...