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dementia : 1 Written Answer : 1 Written Ministerial Statement

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dementia : 1 Written Answer

Written Answers - Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Arts: West Midlands (3 Dec 2015)
Ed Vaizey: ...Youth Theatre, which aim to give a voice to local
communities; The Courtyard in Hereford which, thanks to almost £1
million of Government funding since 2012, became the first arts venue to
join the *Dementia* Action Alliance, and is now a recognised leader in
the development of *dementia*-friendly arts venues;
and The New Vic
Theatre in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, one of Arts Council...

dementia : 1 Written Ministerial Statement

Written Ministerial Statements - Department of Health: Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (EPSCO) Council in Brussels: 7 December 2015 (3 Dec 2015)
Jane Ellison: ...: Council conclusions - The Council will adopt
conclusions on:“An EU strategy on the Reduction of Alcohol-related
Harm”Personalised Medicines for PatientsSupporting People Living
with *Dementia*:
Improving Care Policies and PracticesLessons Learned
for Public Health from the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - Health
Security in the European Union Under Any Other Business...