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dementia : 1 Westminster Hall debate-: 1 Lords debate

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
North Bucks
dementia : 1 Westminster Hall debate

Crime Reduction Policies (22 Jan 2015)
Michael Penning: ...age of the prison population is going up, the way we
look after prisoners who have the medical conditions that people get
later in life is very important. For example, the incidence of
Alzheimer's and *dementia* has gone up in the general population, and
that is replicated in prisons.

dementia : 1 Lords debate

Local Government Finance Settlement - Motion to Take Note (22 Jan 2015)
Lord Liddle: .... However, I had a case in Wigton, which is in my ward
on Cumbria County Council, in the last few weeks of an elderly lady who
has been looking after her Down's syndrome son for getting on for 50
years. She can no longer cope. He has *dementia* and needs to go into a
home. There is great difficulty in finding a suitable placement which
the authorities can afford. If we cannot do that,...