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dementia : 1 Commons debate DEMENTIA & REFERENDUM VOTE

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
North Bucks
dementia : 1 Commons debate

European Union Referendum Bill: Clause 2 - Entitlement to Vote in the Referendum (18 Jun 2015)http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2015-06-18a.494.4&s=dementia#g507.2
[SIZE=4[COLOR="#FF0000"]]Sarah Wollaston: ...different thresholds, but we do not deny people
detained under the Mental Health Act the opportunity to vote. We do not
deny the opportunity to vote to people who may lack capacity because of
advanced *dementia*. We understand that those people need the
opportunity to express their voice. The wider point is that as the age
of our population increases, which is a good thing-the only...[/SIZE]dementia : 1 Written Answer[/COLOR]===========================

Written Answers - Department of Health: Dementia (18 Jun 2015)
Jane Ellison: *Dementia* is an important priority for this Government
across England and we are committed to ensuring people with *dementia*
and their families receive the best possible support in all settings.
That is why in February 2015, the Prime Minister launched his Challenge
on *Dementia* 2020 as a successor to the Prime Minister's Challenge on
*Dementia* 2012-2015. The 2020 Challenge aims to...


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May 21, 2014
Yeah. OH who has no capacity anymore, is allowed to vote, whereas I am not. The mind boggles.