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dementia : 1 Commons debate & dementia : 1 Written Answer

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Business of the House: The Economy (4 Jun 2015)
Edward Argar: ...for its schools-but there are a number of broader
causes that I will particularly seek to champion in this House. While we
have made significant progress in recent years, we still need to go
further in vigorously and energetically focusing on improving *dementia*
care and mental health provision; both are causes on which I will be
vocal. I will not, I fear, be able to emulate the...

dementia : 1 Written Answer

Written Answers - Department of Health: Alzheimer's Disease (4 Jun 2015)
Jane Ellison: ...on the incidence of people with Alzheimer's disease who
have or not had a diagnosis or the cost of the medication.
However, it is estimated that in England, around 676,000 people have
*dementia*, of which around 60 per cent have Alzheimer's disease.[1]