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dementia : 1 Commons debate : 2 Written Answers

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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Opposition Day - [17th Allotted Day]: Housing Benefit and Supported Housing (27 Jan 2016)
John Healey: ...accommodation. Last year, St Vincent's-the
Manchester-based housing charity-saw 15 of its young Foyer residents go
on to university, one to Oxford. For thousands of other people with
severe autism, learning disabilities, *dementia* and mental illness,
living as independently as possible in supported housing, there is no
alternative but hospital and residential care, which...

dementia : 2 Written Answers

Written Answers - Department of Health: Dementia (27 Jan 2016)
Jane Ellison: My Rt. hon. Friend the Secretary of State has had and
continues to have discussions with a range of organisations about
*dementia* including its signs and symptoms. Reducing the incidence of
*dementia*, improving the treatment and care of people with *dementia*
and improving *dementia* research, is a key priority for the Government.
That is why in February 2015, the Prime Minister launched his...

Written Answers - Department of Health: Dementia: Greater London (27 Jan 2016)
Jane Ellison: Information is available in the format requested and is
found in the following tables. The number of people on the *dementia*
register is available in the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF),
published by the Health and Social Care Information (HSCIC). Two
editions of this are available: The latest published monthly figures
available are for 31 December 2015.(1) This has been aggregated from...