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dementia : 1 Commons debate: 1 Written Answer: 2 Lords debates

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Business of the House: European Union (Finance) Bill (11 Jun 2015)
Thomas Tugendhat: ...principle of British governance reasserted many
times since Magna Carta 800 years ago-that finds expression in this
House, the court of Parliament, and not through the Queen's courts nor
Strasbourg's. My second reason for seeking a voice is *dementia*. That
silent time bomb is affecting the whole community, both directly and as
carers, and that in turn calls for community...

dementia : 1 Written Answer

Written Answers - Department of Health: Alzheimer's Disease: Social Services (11 Jun 2015)
Jane Ellison: The Government is clear that all types of *dementia* which
includes Alzheimer's disease remain a priority and will implement the
Prime Minister's Challenge on *Dementia*
2020 in full to make sure that
*dementia* care, support, awareness and research are transformed by
2020. The 2020 Challenge set the following aspirations to improve
the provision of social care for people with...

dementia : 2 Lords debates

Civil Society - Motion to Take Note (11 Jun 2015)
the Bishop of Rochester: ...that. If we add the other churches and faith
traditions to that picture, it is substantial. I heard only yesterday of
a rather inspiring initiative to have a toddler group meeting in a care
home for people with *dementia*. I thought that was wonderful
. That is
the kind of thing one would love to see replicated, because it has so
much potential for both the people suffering from *dementia* and...

Developing World: Women - Motion to Take Note (11 Jun 2015)
Baroness Verma: ...Baroness, Lady Barker. She said that we should not
forget that looking at women and girls should be an end-to-end journey,
from birth right through to old age, when they are often at their most
vulnerable and lonely. There are also problems relating to *dementia*,
which we in this country are beginning to realise will become an even
greater issue as populations age. It is very important that