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dementia : 1 Commons debate- 1 Westminster Hall debate

jimbo 111

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Opposition Day - [14th Allotted Day]: National Health Service (21 Jan 2015)
Mark Reckless: ...ward than to be pushed through A and E, which is not
an appropriate environment for someone who has already been assessed by
a GP. Similarly, A and E is rarely the right environment for people
suffering from *dementia*.
It is best for action to be taken at the
nursing home or by GPs, possibly based alongside A and E, who can make a
speedy assessment and transfer the person to an appropriate...

dementia : 1 Westminster Hall debate

Adult Social Care (21 Jan 2015)
George Mudie: ...do not know how the Chancellor feels he can order those
huge cuts and still have our major cities being run and our elderly and
disadvantaged being properly cared for. I was alarmed when I was
informed that a *dementia* residential and daycare home in my
constituency, The Green, was being closed, and that many hundreds of
home care workers were also losing their jobs. When I looked into