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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Profit-sharing and Company Governance (Employees' Participation): New Clause 1 - Appeals and applications to the Tribunal (26 Jan 2016)
Paul Flynn: ...relatives of Olive Cooke have pointed out since that her
death had no connection with the pressure that was put on her and was
due to other reasons. But there have been other cases of people who were
suffering from *dementia* being plagued by repeated phone calls, letters
and pressure on them. We have considered the case of chuggers. Highly
respectable charities were using chuggers to accost...

dementia : 1 Westminster Hall debate

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service - [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] (26 Jan 2016)
Margaret Greenwood: ..., which is particularly important when one
considers the age profile of the local population, as in my
constituency, for example.[SIZE=4] Older people suffering from memory loss,
mobility issues, sight and hearing loss, and *dementia* increase the
risk of domestic fires. The prevention work carried out by Merseyside
fire and rescue service is as important today as it has ever been[/SIZE
]. The
increase in...

dementia: 1 Westminster Hall debate

Written Answers - Department of Health: Strokes (26 Jan 2016)
[SIZE=4[COLOR="#FF0000"]]Jane Ellison: Public Health England's (PHE) programme on ‘Stroke
and vascular *dementia* prevention for people with atrial fibrillation'[/SIZE[/COLOR]]
works with key stakeholders to increase prioritisation for the
prevention of atrial fibrillation related strokes. PHE's National
Cardiovascular Intelligence Network contributed to the development of
atrial fibrillation intelligence packs to help...