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dementia : 1 Commons debate : 1 Public Bill committee

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 1 Commons debate

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (16 Oct 2015)
George Freeman: ...sector, but it of course creates added pressures on
our health system because in the last decades of life our health demand
rises exponentially. The NHS has set out that, as a result of that
rising demand and of the obesity and *dementia* epidemics in our
society, health will require an extra £30 billion by the end of this
Parliament. NHS England has stated that it can deal with...

dementia : 1 Public Bill committee

Public Bill Committee: Trade Union Bill: Examination of Witnesses (15 Oct 2015)
...aggressive. There will be far more industrial action, and we will
have major problems. We have union learning reps who are involved in
getting people to train not just as stewards, but professionally. We do
*dementia*, mental health awareness, lesbian and gay rights and service
user training. We provide training for the employers when they sign the
agreement. Many thousands of low-paid...

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