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Deep sleep

Wendy C

Registered User
Jan 29, 2012
West Midlands
Have been to see Mom today and although she is normally a bit sleepy, today she was going into a very deep sleep whilst we were with her. I take her a yoghurt as she is losing weight and we are trying to build her up, and she just fell asleep during having the yoghurt. Just a bit worrying how deep she was asleep within a few minutes. It took quite a bit to wake her up and she could not keep her eyes open. I asked if she had had a bad night and they said she had slept quite well. Has anyone else experienced this in the late stages of this awful disease? :mad:


Registered User
Oct 31, 2014
Hi Wendy, have experienced something similar with stepdad. If he accidentally injures himself, bumps arm head etc he goes into a very deep sleep. He has been 999'd to hospital twice after bumping head. He was then in a very deep 'sleep' for over 5 hours. I asked the Consultant why he 'sleeps' so much after a injury, sometimes a mild injury, he said he believes that because of limited mental capacity his body goes into shock and something tells his brain to shut down. I don't really know the answer but it seems with Dad that message to his brain goes a bit haywire. I would add that upon waking he is back to normal self, or as normal as it gets when you suffer from Lewy bodies! Last time it happened, after a bump to head, the Paramedics were unable to rouse his, even with the shock treatment. The Paramedic said Dad was not asleep, but after 5/6 hours he woke as though he had been asleep. I know it probably will not help but thought I would share as I find it very strange. Hopefully somebody will come along with some more help/detail as to why this happens. X

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