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Debit Card Theft


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Apr 4, 2013
My father has alzheimers, he moved to a nursing home last year, as his short term memory loss meant he was becoming incapable. Generally I am very happy with the daily care he is getting.
However his debit card, which he insisted on keeping with him, had been used to make daily cash withdrawals and is now missing, his bank account being almost emptied in the process. This also implies that he gave the pin number to someone. Regrettably I can only assume this someone is a care home employee.
His money has been reinstated by the bank as they have accepted that fraud was involved, but whether they pursue the culprit remains to be seen. The police will only act on behalf of the 'victim', who is now the bank.

I've been told anecdotally that this problem is widespread, but I'd be interested to know if anyone is aware HOW widespread?
Thank you, Fred10.


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Jul 14, 2006
The chances of your Father remembering his PIN would have been minimal with his short term memory problem. Do you think he had written down the number and this was picked up along with the card? If this is the case your Father has been lucky to get the money refunded but very sad it happened.

I can't remember hearing of this problem on here though there have been other care home problems mentioned here.
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Oct 19, 2009
It's always possible though that it wasn't someone from the nursing home, isn't it? It could have been hit remotely, by fraudsters using a number generating program, until they happened to hit a correct debit card number? Although I know it is more likely that the card was used by a staff member - most likely online? They wouldn't have needed the PIN number then, just the crv number which is on the back of the card. In fact, they wouldn't even have needed to take the card - just copy down the card number, expiration date and the number from the back.

It's awful when something like this happens though isn't it? Throws suspicion on everyone - and no matter how good the care is, you just don't feel the same, when you feel you can't trust them.

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