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Death of a partner


New member
Aug 5, 2020
Does anyone have experience of supporting someone living with dementia whose Spouse dies and they believe they partner is still alive? I am working with a lady whose husband recently died (3 months ago). The family are trying everything they can so she understands. But she constantly asks if she can visit him in hospital.


Registered User
Apr 13, 2018
Hi @Johnpp55, welcome to Dementia Talking Point. People with dementia (PWD)often don't remember that people have died, specially as it has happened so recently. Telling them the truth will just make them grieve again, so it is often better to provide them with love lies ' Of course we'll visit him in hospital, but there isn't a car to get there today. We'll go tomorrow.'

It goes against the grain to lie, specially if sometimes the PWD seems to know their loved one has died sometime, but not others, but it does seem to be the kindest thing to do. My mother seems to have forgotten about my dad but keeps on wanting to see her parents who died a long time ago. I just assure her that they are well, and we'll visit sometime but not today,

I'm sure others will be along with more tips shortly.