Daycare charges


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May 12, 2006
west sussex
Mum has been attending daycare twice a week now for a couple of years at a costs of £5.30 per day including transport home.

Unfortunately as mum went missing a few weeks ago they want to move her on to a secure day centre.

Having had a visit from the Social worker I have been advised that the new fee will now be £30.00 per day.. thats a huge difference over a period of a year..

I would be interested to know what the fees are in other areas....


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Feb 17, 2006
Hope you don't mind me asking .

I’m on a low income , I know its not much £6 a day 3 days a week for mum to go to AZ day centre , but am finding it hard paying it as I have got myself into a bit of a mess with my finances this last year .

I was told by my social worker that I can only get direct payment if I was working , as I gave up work I am now not going to get direct payments.

I thought I could pay for mum day centre out of direct payments, was told by SW that I cannot do that.

When I was working I was given 21 hours of funding . thats all stop .seeing, I get a carer in the morning now , mum go to daycentre , she did not go last week because , they thought she was not looking to good , after she had a fall bump her head really badly , since then she has gone down , sleeping more and looking dazed, I was worried if she stayed in bed sleep to much , she lose her motivation , they have notice the change in mum in day centre last week so have I. she drop 2 cut of drink at daycentre at day centre .

I took her out in taxi yesterday and she was all sick in taxi on the way home, taxi driver was not happy. She had all type of test in hospital even CT scan, they could not find anything wrong with her; I would say that the bang on her head has knock her for six. I just new it would affect the AZ

I am going to go with mum tomorrow , when she go to AZ daycentre if they let me , as I don’t want my mum laying sleeping in bed all day , that’s what she do if I let her , can the AZ daycentre stop my mother going because she to much bother ? her needs are more higher now .

How can I find out about secure day centre? Never new they was such a thing


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Jun 27, 2006
Maragrita, you REALLY need to call the Alzheimer's help line. Your social worker does not, on the face of it, seem to be giving you the correct information. From the outside, I can see no reason why direct payments should be tied to whether or not you are working, nor why they shouldn't be used to pay for daycare. The only thing that I can think of is that direct payments may not be used to pay for care by a family member.


PS I threw up in a taxi once (I've never told anyone that before!). He'll get over it.