Day out


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Apr 30, 2006
hi all
just had to tell you all what a great day out I had yesterday with the nh that mum is in,we went on a boat trip on the river which was amazing, the the care and love that the carers have for the residents is lovely to see.We had food and music and a good old singsong the ones that could not sing danced with the carers or just swayed to the music.This was a real learning experience for me because people with this illness can still injoy life but in a different way. I enjoy it that much that I am going to skegness for the day with them in a weeks time carol


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Does sound like a lovely day out and lovely care workers it’s great when you get the support and get out with your mum, hope you took lots of group photos & the views.

I am going out with mum today local AD group mum go to is having a garden party there picking us up at 12:00.

Thanks for sharing moviefan318


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Mar 18, 2006

Thanks for sharing that. It does sound like a lovely day out. I take my dad out (garden centre is his favourite) and so do the staff at his home, too.

When I spoke to his doctor last week, I said how much dad enjoyed his trips out and me visiting him, but that it was a shame because 10 minutes later, he's forgotten all about it. The doctor said that he might have forgotten where he's been or that someone has visited him, but the "happy/content" feeling and feeling of well-being he's got from it lingers on for some time.

That made me feel really great for him and it makes these visits seem even more worthwhile to know it makes him feel good even after I've gone.
I'm sure the same is true for your mum too.