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Day Centres

Treacle Tart

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Oct 24, 2014
Mum was diagnosed with Dementia nearly two years ago. She lives at home with my Dad, 91, whom I'm very proud of - I give them both support through out the week. I have recently been looking into Day Care Centre's to give my Dad a little rest bite once or twice a week. Mum's Memory Clinical Nurse on last visit agreed that it was a good idea not only for Dad but also allowing Mum to be able to socialise more. Southwark council opening reviewed on their site about the new Cator Street centre to be opened. I can find nothing about a new centre, I cannot get in contact with the MP Catherine McDonald, who is/was the cabinet member of Social Care and Health or find anyone who knows about this building. Mum was assessed today to have her name put forward for the Fred Francis Day Centre in Lordship Lane East Dulwich. I went on site to find out anything about it or maybe some photo's but nothing except the address and where it is. I then found a chat room for Dulwich residents who are saying that this centre is to be closed? that the centre will be moving to Cator Street? Gawd am I going round in circules - I'm going to phone the centre tomorrow to find out just what is going on!!!!! Anyone had similar problems?