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day care


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Jan 23, 2015
Would love to get OH into day care centre for a couple of days per week or even to visit alzheimers café but he seems unwilling to go, saying he has other things to do like try to get his driving licence back [ don't see any possibility of this] but am sure daycare activities would help stimulate him in other ways. Any suggestions as to what I can say or do to persuade him please.



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Sep 27, 2006
Perhaps it might be as well to get him to come with you to the cafe for a few months first before you approach the day care idea with him. You could tell him that you need the company at the cafe and that you need him to come with you.

Once he is used to the idea that he might enjoy himself, you could then introduce him to the day care and perhaps stay with him an hour at first whilst he attends.



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Jan 8, 2016
maybe try to take him out for a coffee and just turn up at memory cafe with him. It might be easier as he wont have too much time to talk himself out of it and This way you both get time together while maybe meeting others without either of you feeling too much pressure, Regards J


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
Maybe go to a day care centre and have a look for yourself then see if he starts to go if they will let you stay as long as he needs you there. You may well find he is happy to be left once he starts and activity. The centre my dad attends is fabulous. It's his day! This morning he woke up really grumpy however returned from day care really happy and uplifted.


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Jan 23, 2015

thanks for all your advice.
Have been to daycare centre and hope to have OH start for 3 hrs next week.
He was in a rational mood the other morning so explained what I was planning and he has agreed to go so keeping fingers crossed he likes it and will want to go for longer.
They say I can stay for a while if I think it's necessary. good to know others understand