Day care center


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Jul 8, 2004
Near Bristol
(can never spell "center/re)

My mum has been offered a place in a specialist day care unit for 2 days a week. I am taking her up on Thursday to have a look around.
I have not told mum and do not know how to explain it to her. When we get there and there are people who are much further into the "disease" ie "ga ga" I could not let her attend as she would find it very upsetting.
Hope the phrase "ga ga"does not upset anyone.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
(don't worry as 200 million Americans have the problem, if it is a problem. I went to Center Parcs last week - it didn't suffer from being spelled differently)

Regarding the day centre - sometimes it works to have Mum going in as a helper. That way it removes her from being 'one of them' to being a worker.

Just a thought.

Another thought - don't pre-judge what Mum would find upsetting. Take her there, then hang around. If she is upset, then ask her if she wants to leave. This worked briefly for me when I took Jan to a day centre...until, that is, they banned her as being disruptive. Much easier life for them if people just sit and smile.

Good luck - please let us know how you both get on.

Didn't Queen have a song "Radio Ga Ga"? Nah, Ga Ga doesn't offend.


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Jun 24, 2004
day care centre

Re: Day care centre - My husband took his mother to a day care centre this week for a look around, she is 81 diagnosed with AD 5.5 years ago. He didn't tell her that he was taking her to the centre, he said they were going on a magical mystery tour! When they arrived she looked in the window and said it's full of old people! They were let in through the secure entry system, shown around, she just kept saying what a lovely place it was and saying 'hello dear' to the elderly people, she then thought she was going to help. By the time they got back in the car to go home, she didn't mention it again, they got home and she had completely forgotten where she had been. My father in law who also went was terrified of what her reaction would be, but there was nothing to worry about (on this occasion) it was important to us to get her into day care at least 1 day a week to start off with, as they have a wonderful purpose built bathroom for clients, and her personal care leaves a lot to be desired, so we have made arrangements that she has a bath and a hairwash on her weekly visit. (How they are going to get her into a bath I'll never know, but they have the experience) as we speak her hair has not been washed for 8 weeks! there is also a small fenced garden at the rear of the centre, my husband did mention that no fence would keep his mother in, if she so desired to scale it a 6' fence would not stop her. All for now. Best wishes to all.