Day 11 without fluids- so so sad


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Aug 17, 2006
My poor Mum, i can hardly bear it anymore just sitting looking at her, wiping her head, whispering in her ear, hoping and praying

its now Day 11 without fluids for my Mum (aged 71 with Lewy Body dementia)
this is agony just watching her fade away
I just did not believe someone could fight on this long without fluids

i cannot begin to explain how hard this is
thanks to all for support

Diane x


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex

I went through the same situation with my Dad, it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, telling him it was alright to let go, that he could stop fighting now, we would look after Mum for him, and what a fantastic man he was,when all I wanted was for him to get well again, but his brain was too damaged to ever let that happen.

You are doing all you can and when your Mum finally gets the peace she needs, you will, in time, be ok about what you are going through now.

My Dad died 2 years ago next month and I have only recently felt that by letting nature take its course, we did the right thing by him.

Thinking of you and wishing your Mum a peaceful passing.



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Sep 1, 2006
Sending you lots of love and kind thoughts at this very difficult time. You must feel drained, please try and look after yourself as well during this time.


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Sep 2, 2006
Romford, Essex, UK
Care in Hospitals

I know exactly the situation Diane is in.

My mother is only 65 and was diagnosed with "Early onset" dementia about three years ago.

She has suffered a heart attack three weeks ago and initially, naturally I was alarmed and concerned but when I saw her that night (I live on the other side of London to her and I am severely partially sighted) and she looked better when I left than when I first glanced my eyes on her.

When I rang the hospital, all they could say is that she was "Drowsy" which I have since translated to mean unconsious. She has been hydrated on fluids but has not eaten any food for 16 days and is getting weaker. What really angers me is that the hospital have now asked for my permission to refrain from treating her with antibiotics to clear up some pneumonia that she has developed while in hospital. I am not in denial about where this is leading too, I just wished that those in the medical profession realised that the people in their "care" are the most precious things in our lives and deserve everything we can do to care, support and make what remains of their lives cmfortable. It angers me that my mother has no voice of her own and whilst I will do everything to ensure she is protected and not open to medical neglect and ensure the care she receives is the best she can get, I fear for all those individuals in care homes, hospitals and other places who have no one to protect them.

It is nothing short of cruel to see a woman so young in such a condition, deteriating so quickly when she had strength, fight, conviction and passion right throughout her life.

I would like to thank Diane for sharing her story as it has helped me to realise that we are all not alone at a time we feel it most.

Thanking of you all in similar situations,



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Mar 31, 2006
Broken Hill, Australia
Please don't look at your mother and think she is still lying there suffering,her body is just on auto pilot her spirit is flying high and free , she'll be meeting past loved ones and feeling young and strong and filled with pure joy.We miss them so much when they go but our loved ones don't need to feel they have left us behind feeling miserable,be so happy for her knowing this is her time, and forget this image you see before you I'm sure there was so much more to her than the last 11 days, just say goodbye she's already high above you laughing and smiling in some wonderful heavenly place knowing she'll see you again one day...................Daizee


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Jun 23, 2006
To Diane.
Just to say i am thinking of you and your mum, and senting my love to you both.Look after yourself won't you.