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Dangerious Driving is it all about Dementia


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Mar 17, 2005
A woman was caught tucking into a bowl of cereal on her morning drive to work – but the cereal offender didn’t seem too worried when a cyclist filmed her moveable feast on his helmet camera.
A woman was caught tucking into a bowl of cereal while behind the wheel of her Land Rover.
The shameless driver was filmed by Surrey cyclist David Williams who spotted her in the middle of morning rush-hour traffic.
As the video above shows, he did a double-take after passing her red 4x4 and seeing her with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a bowl of breakfast cereal.
David, 47, a cycling instructor, was so annoyed he pulled up beside her £30,000 Discovery and knocked on her window telling her:
“Put that down”.

He warned her: "You're on camera.
You're going to the police. I've got your number.
"Absolutely ridiculous. You're a danger."
But the woman ignored him and pulled away from the busy junction in Hampton Court, Surrey with the bowl still in her hand.
David, of nearby Surbiton, explained what had happened to the driver who was waiting behind the cereal offender.
The footage shows the second woman's jaw drop as she asks "While driving?"
David, who uploaded the footage to YouTube, said: "I've seen some astonishing things in my life on a bike but this is the most remarkable.
"She shamelessly refused to put the bowl down after I challenged her."
The incident happened around 8.45am on Tuesday and Surrey police are yet to respond to a request for comment.