Danger in the kitchen.


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Jul 14, 2012
Portland, Dorset
Twice this week my wife has come into the kitchen behind me, firstly when taking a very hot tray out of the oven and secondly with a large pan of boiling water and pasta.
In both instances I, and possibly my wife, could have been seriously burnt or scalded.
So how do I stop her from coming in just as I am dishing up dinner?
Yes I have told her to sit down and I'll bring your dinner in two minutes, but she has this habit of either not listening or ignoring what I say.
Any answers please?


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England

Can't advise but just wanted to say that my dad has the same problem. Mam stands right behind him when he's cooking, it's very dangerous. Nothing he says can persuade her to sit down at the table.

One thing he has started to do as often as possible is make one-pot type meals, or just heating up ready meals in the oven so that there's nothing on the hob, or tries to make things in the microwave. Not ideal, but it lessens the need to stand at the cooker with pans of boiling water, etc.

I'll be interested to hear if anyone has any advice! Hope you get some good tips.



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May 29, 2012
East Yorkshire
I have a baby gate on the kitchen door for the dog, but it also does a brilliant job of keeping hubby out of the kitchen when it is dangerous. Luckily we got the gate when the dog was a puppy, but it might help you.


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Sep 23, 2008
Just a thought, but could you give her some task to do at the table such as putting out cutlery or placemats it does not matter really just to keep her feeling occupied and useful whilst you are dishing up.


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Sep 7, 2012
I have a baby gate on the kitchen door like chrisuz.
I don't need it for the dog anymore but I replace it when Mam is here, it is essential.
She stands right over me or if I say
'Step back a bit Mam, I'm going to drain the veg',
she'll step back but when I pick up the pan she approaches me again.

My other half and sons try to distract her but she is drawn to the cooking process,
I think she wants to help/feels it's her job.

I don't know how you would find an explanation for using the gate Daddykins but I understand your worries,
we've had some very near misses too.


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Mar 28, 2012
My mother went through a phase of this, but it is passing I think. I caught myself on pans a few times making sure she didn't hurt herself. I think it does come from a desire to help. She came to us for Christmas lunch and I had both my kids keeping an eye out for her and distracting her from the kitchen. Not easy though - if that's where she wants to be then that's where she wants to be and she is dreadfully rude to anyone trying to stop her.


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Jun 19, 2012
Ontario, Canada
Hi Daddykins,

I have a babygate on the kitchen for when I'm cooking, serving, or clearing up. If you decide to use one mount it higher than suggested for infants to keep your wife from tipping over it or trying to climb over. Ours is about 10" higher.