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"Dancing with dementia"

Michael E

Registered User
Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
I am sure there have been other posts about this wonderful book but I just want to say it has given me so much more understanding and help in comprehending this sad illness and the muddle that exists in my wife's head.

When I started reading the book I really didn't think the author had AD at all but by the last chapters you knew she really did have it and could see/read the muddle her head was in.

I can now recognise many of the symptoms - understand when Monique uses 'odd' words to express something - understand better her anger and frustration - the way it must be like living in a tunnel - the simplest things are challenging and change - new scenery is just a blur - incomprehensible.

This wonderful woman has written an insite to the mind of a AD sufferer and I reccommend it to anyone haveing to deal/cope with an AD sufferer. I have found it helpful.