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'Dancing with Dementia' project - your help needed


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Apr 28, 2021
Hello everyone.

I'm a university lecturer who conducts research into how dance can impact the lives of people living with dementia. Given that our sessions have been on hold during the pandemic we've been thinking about this in a slightly different way.

We're creating an audio documentary which we hope will be broadcast on the radio and via other media that asks one question - 'if dementia was a dance, what kind of dance would it be, and why?'

We are inviting people who are living with dementia, and those who live and work alongside them, to record their brief response to this question. This can be done using the voice memo function on a smart phone or via a recorded Zoom meeting with a member of our research team. The responses will then be woven together with music and found sound to create an original piece of sound art that reflects what it is like to live, negotiate and dance with dementia on a daily basis.

We are doing this because many of
the metaphors used to describe dementia in films, books and occasionally medical texts are to do with the inanimate. They describe the person with dementia as passive, almost object like. Dance, with its focus on exchange, negotiation and animation could be useful in challenging these limiting images.

We are interested in gathering
responses from all over the world. If you have been affected by dementia and would like to participate please reply to this post or alternatively you could email me at movingminds@yorksj.ac.uk

Attached to this post you will find a
link to a short film that contains a few of the responses we have received so far and also an e-flyer.

Thank you,


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Mar 29, 2021
Just a note to say that this member has permission to post about their study. :)

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