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Daily Mail!


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Mar 13, 2006
Dearth said:
Maybe an article that actually DEALS with dementia rather than 'prevention' would help...

Info on day care/coping strategies/respite/etc. etc.

It seems to me that we're going down the 'quack medicine' route... although I'm sure 'research proves' stuff, isn't there the stigma surrounding this such as:

"Hey... if I eat this, and I do this then I won't end up with dementia - which would be WORSE THANK DEATH ITSELF!!!"

I'm not being flippant there folks, I assure you... but if there was more on discussing WHAT TO DO if you have/have a relative with dementia then that surely would be more useful - in that way, if it ever happened, you could hopefully have some insight to help cope, rather than just kick yourself for not eating too much oily fish, doing crosswords or eating blackberries!


Hi Dearth,

I can honestly say that having followed a specific diet some 6 months ago, which is also a preventive diet, there is a definite improvement in my short term memory. I had become totally dysfunctional for 1 to 2 weeks each month, as in a cycle and since following the advices which I had found an article, in the Daily Mail, by Patrick Holford, entitled "How to beat Alzheimer's", dated 14th June, 2006, I only now get 2 days max. of the symptoms. I was seriously worried that I may have the disease and I am doing now my utmost to diminish my chances of getting it as both my parents suffered from it, so I am very much aware of the symptoms. Once Alzheimer's sets in, there is no reversal.