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Dads progression.


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May 7, 2019
Back at dad’s yesterday. Dad was a bit out of sorts as he had two new carers and they did things differently which didn’t help.
I walked dad into his dining room and wheelchair. I’ve noticed that he is not walking into his frame as much. He is pushing the frame forward and then a couple of seconds later he walks into it. He is definitely getting slower.
He then spent the afternoon in the conservatory. But he didn’t read the local paper or the national one. He says he cannot be bothered.I think maybe it’s a combination of eyesight and that he cannot be bothered. We talked whilst there but not a lot. He is also getting quieter. He has begun again to get people’s names mixed up ( the cleaners). A few times as well he asked whether my daughter was at work. It was hard work yesterday to engage him. Most of the time I let him doze.
Whilst getting him up from his wheelchair to use his frame I’ve noticed that he is getting heavier and not weight bearing as much.
He has now developed walking with the frame with his knees bent. He says they are painful. He managed but tbh you can see that he has no strength.
I got him into his recliner which was no mean feat as he never gets to the middle . He just squeezes in by using the arm rest.
We were chatting and he brought up the subject that he doesn’t think he will be walking much longer.
I said that if he does go off his feet he may have to have a stand aid or hoist.He has a Sara Steady but to use that he has to grip well to get up. Even that is going sometimes.
He said “I know I’m getting worse “.
He said also that he doesn’t want more equipment in the bungalow but I told him that if he wants to stay at home he will have to. Plus his bed from his bedroom will have to go into to dining room.We would have to reverse the rooms around. You can only get into his bed one way as one side of it is up against the wall and you cannot move it(hospital bed). That went down like a lead balloon. He wasn’t having that! He will carry on as he is for now..
It reminds me of The Titanic and iceberg. You can see it in front of you ,you are just waiting for it to hit!
Getting him to bed was painful too. Very slow with the bended knee and turning around in his room with the frame is very tight.He sat or should I say fell on his bed but not close enough to the top of it. He could do no more apparently as he was too tired. He managed to throw the frame to one side in temper. I managed to get him in the bed with him grabbing hold of the bed and moving himself up....Finally got him sorted..