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Mar 15, 2006
Just a query..
When Dad first moved to the Nursing Home I asked about being able to view his care plan notes and was shown where they were kept and told I could look at them...which I have been doing since he has been there.
I went to visit him yesterday, took the notes and sat in his room reading them. I was then told by the Care Home Manager, who appeared in the doorway, that the notes were private and not for general use. She appreciated that it was my Dad but said I should ask about his progress and that the drawer the notes are kept in should be locked!
Do I not have the right to read these notes as and when I choose?



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Feb 24, 2006
maria29al said:
Do I not have the right to read these notes as and when I choose?
I'm not sure whether you have the right to read them or not, bit of a grey area I think. I would say the fact that they told you one thing in the beginning and are now saying another is a worry and maybe you should ask them about this. After all, you need to trust them and believe what they say to you. If they were initially happy for you to read the notes why have they now changed their minds?

I know we had a meeting with someone from the PCT not so long ago to discuss my mum's 'determination' to establish what band of nursing care she was on. The lady read a load of stuff out but when we asked for a copy of the determination she said it had been discussed in the office as she wasn't sure whether we should have it or not. She did actually give it to us so it didn't become an issue. I thought it was somewhat bizarre because if she'd said we couldn't have a copy we could have just wrote down what she read out anyway!

I think the issue they may try to make is whether your Dad would consent to your reading the notes and whether he is capable of giving informed consent.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
I know I'm a spouse so the situation could be different, but not only am I offered Jan's care plan notes without asking, but I can have them [and copies] any time I ask, and also I am consulted on whether I feel the care plan is appropriate - ie can I help them do better.

Anything else is not acceptable and would have me worrying about what they were hiding.


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Oct 7, 2005
care plan

Not sure what the official answerer is. Only i was given a copy of my mums care plan by her CPN and care home. We all had a meeting last week to keep the family informed as to medications ect. I am not next of kin ( this is my Father) but i do have EPOA.

I think i would be a bit sus of anyone not wanting to share info.



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Mar 23, 2005
Could this also be a question of preserving the confidentiality of information on other patients? That is, if patient notes are not kept in a locked drawer with access through staff, then possibly any visitor could read them.

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