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Dads medication


New member
Sep 25, 2018
Hi All,

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and mixed dementia approx 5 years ago. It’s been getting harder for mum to look after him so we made the difficult decision to move them into a retirement home closer to me a few months ago, this was to provide more help and support for mum which she was in desperate need of. The move hasn’t gone well for dad as he has become more confused and agitated which eventually has turned into aggression which led to him pushing mum over. Because of this aggression it has led to dad being taken into hospital a couple of weeks ago and being put onto new medication. He has been put on Risperidone and lorazepam and in the space of two weeks we can barely recognise him, before he went in he was very confused but now he is asleep most of the time, but when he is awake his speech is slurred and he barely makes any sense, he is almost bed ridden, not eating and needs to drink out of a sippy cup.

I suppose what i would like to find out is has anyone experienced anything similar and is asking the doctors to reduce his dose the right thing? I feel like i am shooting in the dark and cannot seem to get really good advice anywhere, but also recognise its a very stressful time and i might not be thinking straight as to what to do for the best. Any help or advice would be truly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @Stupot808
a warm welcome to DTP

sadly a move can be confusing, and confusion can lead to aggression .... I hope at least your mum is gaining some benefit from the relocation and being nearer to you

it can take some time and some tweaking to get the levels of meds right for each individual, as everyone reacts differently .... so, personally, I'd let the doctors know that you are concerned about how your dad is now, explaining how he was before the move so they are aware of his previous 'baseline', and ask about trying lower levels or giving the meds at a different time of day (this helped my dad) ... of course it may be that this is simply the meds settling into your dad's system, though the medics need to know that you and your mum want to be part of the discussion and any decisions made

you're clearly concerned and have every right to discuss your worries with staff looking after your dad