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Dads funeral


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Feb 7, 2013
We had dads funeral on the 19th at a Crematorium, and it was a lovely service - all tailored how we as a family thought dad would like. It was meant to be uplifting rather than too somber but it's hard to achieve this!
It's now 2 days since and I thought I would feel better but I think I feel worse than ever and hate feeling tearful all the time and dreadfully unhappy. I miss my dad sooo much.

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Aug 28, 2014
Be kind to yourself

Hello Friend, grief is a long and difficult thing, and it is different for everyone. I know its a cliché but time is the greatest healer. You need to give yourself time and not be afraid to be sad or cry.

My Dad died of cancer 20 years ago this summer. I still miss him so much and think about him nearly every day. Your Dad is still alive in your memories. They might be painful now but they will sustain you. You will be able to remember him and only smile some day.
Love Quilty


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon

When my OH died in December I was devastated but made myself do all the funeral arranging etc. It sort of kept me going if that makes any sense. As soon as the funeral was over the real grief hit me. I'm sure that's what it must be for so many people. Some religions/cultures have the funerals within 24 hours of a persons passing-I now know why. The sooner you start to grieve and let out all the hurt the healthier it appears to be. Of course, grieving and the constant sadness is very energy sapping and you will cry a lot. Pete died 09/12/14 and I am still at the sobbing stage. Physically I have started to feel a bit better; but emotionally -well that will take as long as it takes.

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your loss. You have a way to go but we will be with you if you need to talk about your feelings.

Wishing you strength

Lyn T XX


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Mar 26, 2013
You will have been so busy thinking and planning the funeral etc that it has now hit you that your father has gone. Take things a day at a time, go easy on yourself, it is very early days yet and it is perfectly normal to feel upset-let it out, don't be afraid to cry and share memories of your father with your friends and family.


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
My mother in law died less than three weeks ago, CCM (not dementia related) and I too am quite tearful a lot of the time. And with you, it's your own dad that you've lost, and it's only been days since his funeral. I think we have to be kind to ourselves and not expect too much of ourselves. It's such a big thing to have happened. xx


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Apr 8, 2013
It can take a long time, i think the exceptance is the hardest part, they were here just a short while ago and now you cant see them anymore. It is hard to get your mind around that because you still feel like you can go visit and it had came such a big part of your life, my mams funeral was today and it felt unreal, is still feel like can just go see her when i want but of course i cant, it had made me think of some things in a different light however.
I have learned i can deal with a lot of stuff and maybe i am braver than i thought after all. It takes a person to be brave and deal with all the things and emotions that come when your loved one dies. We know it has to come to everyone one but its still a shock to your system, which turns your world upside down.