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Dad's Dementia


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Nov 10, 2015
my dad has been diagnosed with dementia around 3 months back, we got to know this disease little late.earlier when I was visiting doctors, they were giving him antipsychotics which were not helpful so I went to a neurologist when my dad started eating small rocks (pica disease), he said that he has progressive dementia and gave aricept and other medicines, now the day we have started medicines, all the traits of dementia started coming out and now he can't walk and talk properly and can't pass his stool then I checked with the doctor and he increased the dosage (MG) of medicines, I am just skeptical about the side effects of medicines as he still have a good memory ( including past ones) apart from what he ate some time back, pls help me understand what kind or stage of dementia is this and suggest if i have to change the medicines or I can stop the medications after some point of time


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Apr 24, 2013
I don't think you should stop or change anything. You must work within the guidelines the doctors have given you and discuss with them any issues you have with the medication. Some of these take time to work and so you can't just dismiss them without talking it over with doctors or medical staff.


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Dec 15, 2012
Welcome to TP Dhruv,
there's lots of information in the various threads and a whole lot of members here with so much experience to draw on - so have a mooch around and you may gain a wider perspective on your dad's diagnosis.
I think we all have concerns over medication at some time - however please heed marionq's sensible words. It can take some time to get meds and doses right so don't alter anything yourself. Do, though go back to the consultant with any questions and concerns - my dad's did listen and explained or took action.
If your dad is constipated, please speak to his GP and say you are concerned, there are ways to help with this - it seems odd, but constipation alone can cause more confusion and agitation in someone with Alzheimer's.
You may also want to ask the GP to check for a UTI, those too increase confusion.
Best wishes


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Nov 10, 2015

Thank you much for your kind words and suggestions Marionq and Shedrech, I will speak to the doctor in detail and i hope his childish behaviour now is a part of the healing process.


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Jul 20, 2011
I would just add that his behaviour isn't childish - it is part of his illness and behaviours are likely to change but unlikely to improve
keep posting xx


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Aug 25, 2015
South coast of England
Hi and welcome to TP.

Dhruv, you say that your father does not forget things but dementia is not only about forgetting things. With some forms of dementia the memory is retained until quite late in the disease so this does not mean that your father does not have dementia.

Any medication has the possibility of side effects. Sometimes these wear off in time; sometimes the side effects continue but this is outweighed by beneficial effects; sometimes the side effects do not remit and are such that the medication is stopped. However, it can take a while to settle with any new med, so I would urge you not to alter things without consulting his doctor first.