dads birthday..


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Hi again..
Havent been able to get on here for a while as i killed the PC, but am back now.

We were told back in february, that it would be a real milestone for us to get Dad to his 80th birthday...

DAD, bless him, made it to his 80th birthday, and we had a lovely surprise gathering for him, at my sisters!
My brother and 3 out of the 4 sisters were able to make it to share dads special day.
Dad seemed on top form and seemed not to be phased by it all, and talked so eloquently too.
I noticed as the day went on, dad tired very easily, but he kept going. He spoke of his childhood, and dates with our mum, who died 12 years ago. Dad never seems to talk about mum, so that made it all that bit more special.

Dad had a fab time, and was saying how much he had enjoyed himself, and that he would write to all of us, (5 kids) but now... its as if it had never happened. He never mentions the day, he just continues as if it had never happened, same conversation,same routine, day in day out!
never calls anymore, as we think he forgets how to use the phone,and as for any correspondence....! Dad always wrote such lovely letters, but we are lucky to get anything anymore. birthdays, anniversaries etc are all forgotten, but hey, thats not important really, but just shows how nasty this illness is, and how it takes away the one that you love..slowly!

I really wish that there was more we could do for Dad, but he seems to be locked away in a world of safety, and seems to be quite happy there too.. sometimes we are allowed in, but briefly.

At least we have the memories and the photos to remember what a fab day we all had.

we had our Dad back for a small amount of time, and thats something we will all cherish, forever...........................


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Sep 10, 2005
Hi Tinylou

Keep the good times close to heart.

The other day I found a letter my mum had written to me thanking me for arranging a special 70th birthday party for her. I did cry when I read it. She was so eloquent. Now, as you have said with your dad, the conversations are mundane. I've booked us a short holiday for September (I figured do it sooner rather than later; mum is early AD/VaD). She never mentions the holiday only if I bring it up. Never talks about anything really without being prompted. We have what I call a loop conversation. Weather/shopping/weather/shopping. And repeat. It's so sad to see these vivacious people disappearing before us.

But how lovely that you celebrated your dad's birthday with all your family close by and that he seemed so lucid. Perhaps somewhere he's stored something of the day, who knows?

Take care of yourself and your dad.


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Feb 17, 2006
How lovely that your dad shared those memories with you, hear wishing you more memories with him , :) I loved when you said you killed the PC :) I feel like doing that lol , but stop myself because its my life line to TP :)