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Mar 15, 2006
Just wanted to share this...went to the hospital for a meeting today re Dad. We, as a family have decided to take Dad off all artificial intervention and let him go. He is now on only Morphine and will be returning to his room at the Nursing Home spend however much time he has left. I hope we have done the right thing. I hope he can forgive us for doing this.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Maria,
You have done nothing to be forgiven for. You have loved and supported your dad, and walked with him on his journey; but he is tired now. Hopefully he is pain free, thanks to the morphine, and will soon be back in his own room, where you can be with him. From your previous postings, I know that you have been saying all the things to your dad that you need to, so it sounds as though you are both prepared (if not ready) for this parting.
So Maria, no guilt, just keep loving as long as your dad needs you.
Thinking of you.
Love Helen.


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Feb 17, 2006

That had to be done with my untie with the morphine over Christmas, I was with her to the end, your all doing what your doing because you love him & that all that matter .

I Just talk to her about the happy memories we had together while holding her hand , if she could hear me was Nether hear or there , it did help me while the Tears drop at the time, its all so sad ,but the love is always there


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Apr 30, 2006
"I hope we have done the right thing. I hope he can forgive us for doing this."

Hi Maria
This is a terrible situation to be in......I was in the same situation last year ....There is nothing to be forgiven've been there for him,helping and supporting him .....You will feel guilty for a while but eventually, and I promise you , you will come to terms with it.......
You're having a hard enough time as it is.....go easy on yourself