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Dec 27, 2007

After over 4 months in assesment ward my dad has been moved to specialised dementia care home, first couple days great then dad seemed very uncomfortable and agitated this is when i noticed they had put "hipsters" on him this was to protect him in the event of a fall.They seemed to completly confuse him, i really do beliieve families should be consulted before putting these on residents, but to add insult to injury further investigation revealved these "hipsters" were actually recycled, obviously i complained and was advised i could sign a form stating i did not require my dad to wear these pants but i must take full responsibility.

The care home in question chargws £850 per week surely at this cost the least you could expect is new and not recycled? Am i being unreasonable?


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Nov 23, 2007
Hi ang64

I agree with you.
But other's with more experience will give you more information and support.