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Dad wont swallow tablets


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Jul 7, 2008
Hi all just looking for advice dads suddenly not able or frightened of swallowing tablets hes fine eating n drinking
Just hes normal prescribed tabs which are donezrpril mementine a capsule antibiotics and few others no problem till last week
Used to guzzle them now has them sucking and chewing them to make them small also caught him crushing them and trying woth a knofe to cut them its quite worrying also
Hes declined in last few months to the point of last week not been able to bath by himself ( forgot tp sit in bath , mixing clothes up ) ive had tp get a bath seat n go in bathroom with him
Hes now fully incontient too long story big battle now wearing pull ups as if and when he will wear them days consist of changing and laundry 😞anyway any advice thanks x


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Oct 21, 2019
So sorry to hear of his decline, it sounds to me as though he will need continual supervision.
Could you speak to the GP. Have a medication review to see if all the medication is now appropriate?
Could the GP give you a script for some medication to be liquid. Any that cannot be liquid then try cutting using a pill cutter to cut down the size of the pills, then sprinkle onto spoons of fromage frais. The GP a will need to approve this as it isn’t appropriate for all medications.