Dad with alzehimers and vascular wanting cash in his wallet in a care home

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  1. Nicb83

    Nicb83 New member

    Jul 10, 2018
    Hi my dad was diagnosed with alzehimers and vascular dementia in February after a 2 year battle and is now in a care home. The one thing that bothers him is that he doesn't have any money in his wallet, from a young age i always remember him having a wad of notes in his wallet but I've tried giving him money to put in his wallet but he loses it in the home and i don't have the money myself to keep replenishing it. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how to keep him happy and to keep his wallet looking full. Thank you.
  2. karaokePete

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    Jul 23, 2017
    Hello and welcome to TP. I hope you find the forum to be a friendly, informative and supportive place.

    I know from reading past posts that some members have used play notes for this purpose. I believe they can be obtained on-line.
  3. Louise7

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    Mar 25, 2016
  4. canary

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    Feb 25, 2014
    South coast
  5. Nicb83

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    Jul 10, 2018
    Thank you all for replying I'll try all your suggestions and hopefully one will work
  6. Shedrech

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    Dec 15, 2012
    hello @Nicb83
    welcome from me too
    I wonder whether you could find some of the old £1 and £5 notes, or examples online, and photocopy them - I don't think this will be illegal at all as they are no longer legal tender

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