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Dad sulking with me.................

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Oct 30, 2012
Forgive me TP for I have indeed sinned. Oh dear, I touched a nerve.

Dad is OBSESSED with putting things in the fridge. And I mean all sorts of things - not just food. In fact, there is very little food in his fridge. If I try to put the right things in his fridge (for example Fruit Shoots for my son for when he visits) he just brings them round to my house and say 'I don't need these', only for him to get upset when my son visits and he doesn't have anything to give him to drink or eat and we do it all again.

Anyway, my aunt is visiting the uk from Australia at the moment and staying with him. She's gone off to visit some friends and understandably has left some bits in her room rather than lug them around with her. And dad has gone through them all to see 'if there's anything that needs putting in the fridge' and put a load of completely unnecessary stuff in it. I'm talking tea bags, dog treats, toiletries etc. When I said to him that maybe it wasn't a great idea and tried to take them out he's taken offence.......................




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Jun 9, 2015
East anglia
I feel your pain!
FIL used to be obsessed with having a full fridge (war baby, used to rationing and scared of running out), so used to buy ridiculous amounts of fresh food which then went off because he still would only eat frozen quiches.

I found the best strategy for him was to take out one of the shelves and the drawer so he could see all the food, which we then spread out along the fronts so it looked full.

Would your dad notice if there was stuff at the back (eg fruit shoots) behind his own stuff? Maybe auntie could put all her non-perishables in a box and you could find an official-looking "MUST NOT BE REFRIGERATED" label to print off and stick on (if dad obeys rules, obviously).

Sill frustrating illness, you never know what's going to happen next

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