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dad passing


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Dec 6, 2007
I have only posted a thread once,but have been reading and getting advice off tp,sadly i lost my dad on january the 9th and heartbreaking as it was i think at least no more suffering now dad.He was diagnosed with vascular dementia two years ago but looking back i think the signs were there about 5 years ago,unfortunately he also contracted cancer of the tonsils and even though he beat the cancer, the treatment(radiotherapy) caused the flaps that cover your left+right lungs to stop working,which meant every time he ate or drank it went on his chest.the oncologist that treated him said the plan was to put a peg into his stomach to feed him and start speech thrapy to get the flaps working again,but on november the 7th he fell and had to be hospitalised and the shock of the fall made him go from roughly stage 1 to an awful stage 6/7.He never made it home again and they did try a peg but he was so agitated he pulled it out.what got me most was seeing my dad a big big strong man deteriate so quickly and so horrifically(sorry to scare anyone) but thats how it was,in fact i said when i walked into his room when he died thats not my dad,in just 24hrs of seeing him he had gone so bad it was shockng.every day twice a day i would go to the hospital the one day i didnt go cause of all things my scouse (stew) wasn't ready,i got a phone call to work saying there had been a change in his breathing,me+my mum got to the hospital(only round the corner) and he had already gone but his two sisters were with him talking about old times when they were kids, dad teasing them and chasing boys away,my auntie said she turned to look at him and there were two tears coming from his eyes and then he went.my mum and myself felt a little bit cheated out of his last moments but at least he wasn't alone,his mother came five minutes after and just said thank you god,my dad was the oldest of 12 she lost another son last year to cancer.his funeral took place last thursday(17th) there were so many people they had to stand outside of the church my dads brother and his cousin said some stories which made everyone laugh cause thats how he was, he liked his pint,his beloved man city fc and his family(3girls+1boy)+ of course my mum(his rock) we sang calon lan and then played the man city song boys in blue.we then travelled to the cremotorium to say our last goodbye's(very hard) but then made our way to the railway club for a proper send off(he would of been the first there and the last to leave) I will never forget my dad he was my hero and i was his baby girl and with this i wish you all good luck+love and will keep an eye on tp every now and again,also we recieved nearly 600 pound+counting donations to alzheimers.x


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya McMullan,
Sounds as though you and the family gave dad a goodbye that he would have been proud of ......obviously a good man to have been surrounded by such love at the end of his life.
Take care of yourself....you will have some sad days ahead....Tp will be here for you as long as you need us.
Love Helen

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear McMullan
Thank you for letting us know about the death of your father. I can only offer my deepest sympathy.
Love xx


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello McMullan,

Sorry to hear about your dad..it's so hard to lose a parent that you love.

You have a good family about you and can all support each other..remember the good times..they'll always be there..

Lots of love Gigi x


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear McMullan,
Thank you for telling us about your Dad. I'm sorry you and your Mum weren't there at the very end but it must be a comfort to know he had family with him.

Your send off sounds like something he would have loved!
(he would of been the first there and the last to leave)

I think your collection for Alzheimers is a wonderful tribute to your Dad and also a sign of your family's thoughtfulness in thinking of others at this very difficult time.

May you rest now in the comfort of knowing he is at peace.