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Dad passed away in his sleep yesterday


Registered User
Mar 5, 2010
Nat so sorry to hear the sad news of your dad passing away! I hope you a peacefull time over the next few weeks !take care x


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Dec 1, 2006
Dear Nat, it's been a long journey for you all. Sending you sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved dad. Love from Deborah x

Canadian Joanne

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Dear Nat,
I'm so sorry to hear of your dad's passing. I remember the beautiful photos you posted of you in your wedding dress with your father. You were so devoted to him. My condolences to you and your family.


Registered User
Apr 10, 2006
Hi Nat

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad, i've followed his (and your) journey since i joined in 2006 and i'm sad to hear your news.
You have every reason to be proud of him.
I hope your pain eases in time and that you will still come to TP for support.
Love Alex x


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Mar 19, 2005
Hi Nat, so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.



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Apr 26, 2006
A very sad loss for you Nat and you have all my sympathy at this difficult time.

You have fought long and hard on his behalf and I am sorry to hear that the end has come.

Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
Dear Nat,
I don't log on so often now, and am so sorry to read of your Dad's passing. You have had a very special bond with him throughout his illness, and you have managed more than many to enter his world and to support him in so many ways. In that you have always reminded me of my own daughter.
You will miss your Dad forever. But you will also know that he is always 'there', watching over you, and you will find yourself communicating with him and drawing comfort from the knowledge that his spirit is now free.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!
C. x


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Sep 16, 2005

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.
I don't have much to say at this point except 'God I miss him, I miss him so much!'.
I guess that goes aling with similar comments I have posted here more recently,...you may think this current stage of dementia you are going through with a loved one sucks, ( and it probably does) but god if you really love and adore the person with dementia like I do/did, death is no relief ( though i hope it will be eventually). I've missed him for many years now, but now, I can't even reach over and touch him & tell him I love him, I've just got to hope he can hear me still...Death however doesn't necessaily bring such reassurences...you've just got to hope or let him/ her go...
I've said it already above but, miss you Dad, I hope I get to see you again one day.
For everyone who still has their loved one in this physical world, give them a kiss or a hug or whisper in their ear now that you love them (even if their outward reaction offers no thanks for such sentiments)...
Best wishes to all,


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
I've missed him for many years now, but now, I can't even reach over and touch him & tell him I love him, I've just got to hope he can hear me still...
That's just how I felt Nat. My dad had no speech, but I could still hold his hand and tell him about my day. It's nearly 9 months since I lost my dad; things do get easier and less raw, but I still miss him. Be kind to yourself and take care.

I hope it helps that people here understand - it helped me when others thought I should just be happy that my dad was no longer a burden and that I could get on with life.

d whit

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Feb 1, 2011
korsakoffs changed mine and my dads life forever but for the better.

my dad was 51 when diagnosed with korsakoffs dementia, i was a 16 year old new mum. dads 20 year marriage ended at this time and my mother chose not to contact my dad ever again through no fault of my dads. my only other sibling was my brother who is 18 months older than me. he found kd difficult to understand and over the years saw less and less of dad. as a result my baby and i moved back home so he had the care he needed.i wont say it was easy but it wasnt hard either. challenging, frustrating, upsetting, tiring but for the 13 years that followed were the best times of my life. memories of my dad before kd are related to alchol with no memory of seeing him sober as a child, this was normal to me.it wasnt until he was diagnosed with kd that i realized what a wonderful man my dad was.everything about him changed from his personality, diet, swapped cider to tea,he helped me raise my 3 children and with his support and encouragement and unconditional love we were happy. sadly after 13 years aged 64 my dad, my best frind passed away. i think of him every day and talk of him often and when i do its always with a smile.


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Jan 31, 2011
Please accept my condolences. Your Dad's Love will always be with you.
May God be with you and your family at this sad time.